We are not another moving company!
Moving Labor Help Service.
Loading and Unloading help. 

Moving Labor. 

We are not another moving company!


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We offer an affordable moving labor help service for your big next moving day. 
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Moving Labor


Moving out and need some help loading stuff into your rental truck, portable storage container or trailer? We've got you covered. Our team will meet you at your location to take care of all the heavy-lifting and moving. You wont have to lift a finger, let experienced movers carefully load your things.


Moving in and need an extra pair of hands to unload your furniture, heavy appliances and boxes? Just let us know where you want your things placed and we'll take care of all the unloading for you. Don't hurt yourself, we have all the moving equipment needed to move your things effectively.

Moving Labor

Need help loading and unloading? Rent a truck, pack your boxes, and book moving labor. We'll meet you at your locations to load and unload your truck. Do you need to move things around your business or home? Our team of helpers are here to help you move whenever you need them most.
Hiring Moving Labor Helpers and renting your own truck is the better way to move now a days. Renting your own truck and hiring movers only to load and unload your items is the most affordable and is now the most popular way to move. Times have changed, unlike traditional expensive full service moving companies, we connect you with experienced moving labor helpers that will effectively load and unload your rental truck. You are in full control of a "DIY" Move, hire helpers to do the heavy lifting and moving for you. 

We will ​load and unload your rental truck, container or trailer for you. All you need to do is have your truck and boxes ready and we'll do all the heavy lifting and moving. Our team of reliable moving labor helpers will take care of moving all your furniture, appliances, and boxes. Get reliable moving labor help today and enjoy a simpler, quicker, and safer move. Unlike traditional expensive movers you can save some money and be more in control of your move by renting you're own truck, then contacting us to do all the loading and unloading for you. Contact us and schedule your helpers today! Whether you need only a few things moved, all of your belongings moved, or just help moving furniture, we can help. Our team of moving helpers will move your items safely and securely. We have all the necessary moving tools and equipment to make sure your items are moved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Apartment move? Find help to load and unload the moving truck.

Storage move? We can load and unload your storage unit for you.

Rearranging your living room? Get help with the heavy lifting and moving.

Scheduled carpet cleaning? Book your helpers to move furniture back and forth.
We offer affordable Moving Labor service for most of Los Angeles including Beverly Hills, Culver City, UCLA area, Century City, and surroundings. please note - you will need your own form of transportation to use Labor Help if you are relocating. exp: Rental Truck, container or trailer. We are a moving labor help service that focus on loading, unloading, and moving your belongings.